Posted on: August 7, 2009 11:01 am

Crabterd, I mean Crabtree; sorry.

In case you havn't heard, Michael Crabtree wants a contract in excess of 23 million from the 49ers and will not settle for a penny less.  It's definitly not strange for Rookies to demand that type of contract, but what's strange is his reasoning.  Crabtree wants to be paid for the place he would have been taken in MOCK drafts; forget about what actually happened like the Raiders taking Darrius Heyward Bey as the first reciever overall with the 7th pick.  According to Crabtree, he's a better reciever than Heyward Bey and should be paid more than Heyward Bey, and there is no Mock draft in the country that would say different.  Crabtree has said he will sit out the year and be drafted in 2010 if the 49ers don't acquiesce to his demands; i say, let him.  This stunt is sure to back-fire on him, and years from now he will see how truly ignorant he was; much like Maurice Clarett.
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